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How To Use

The Lumilixir serum is primarily focused on giving you great skin. It does this by significantly increasing the level of hydration in your skin without leaving it oily. It also brightens your skin and takes on free radicals that leave the skin damaged and stressed. 

You can expect to see skin that is softer and more supple, brighter, with a smoother texture. Remember, our serum is 100% oil free and non-comedogenic, making it perfect for those with oily/combination skin!

Here's a simple guide to using the Lumilixir serum to get the best from your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin using your cleanser of choice
Step 2: Prep your skin with a suitable toner for your skin type
Step 3: Smooth 2-3 drops of the Lumilixir serum on your skin ensuring that you get good coverage
Step 4: Apply your moisturiser directly over the Lumilixir serum to lock in all the goodness
Finish by perfecting your look over your amazing new canvas!
*As part of a 'nighttime routine', simply finish with moisturiser and wake up feeling revitalised!*